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Monday, September 29, 2014

painted lady butterfly

Butterflies in the Air

This is my second you tube video and I think I'm happy with it, given that I'm still in practice mode. There's been a pair of Painted Lady butterflies in my yard yesterday and today, feeding on the Mexican Sunflowers. The flowers are really faded and the bees have been visiting daily but in few numbers due to the cool weather. But yesterday and today have been warmer and these guys were a pleasant surprise. They were not too shy and when they did flit away, they came right back. Yes, the butterflies were not the problem this time, it was my canon bridge that just would not focus for me, so I went to video mode, it worked better. 

Turn on the volume, watch her dance to the dainty notes, and enjoy!

As always, thanx for stopping by to take a peek!

peace, pam

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