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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Page - Three Muses Challenge

Altered Playing Cards

I was late with this challenge and actually was going to skip over it this week. But then, I picked it back up this evening and finished. 

What's this about?  Ah! I fell in love with electric guitars at the ripe age of 16 when Led Zeppelin put out their second album. The song was Heartbreaker and the guitar hypnotized me, really. Then played Living Loving Maid, then Whole Lotta Love. I developed a taste for the Rock of many groups beside them but that's a really long story. I eventually fell in love with violin too. 

 Credits: TFS Cartes de Jeu, TBaxter and KPertiet grunge borders, 
and Page pic is by Cynthia Blair

This video is Led Zeppelin in 1969 taped while they were live on a Danish radio station. No background noise, it's really quite good if you are a fan, and Jimmy is on target with the guitar, playing pretty clean, little slop. 

In case you want to share this video, the you tube link is:

As always, thanx for stopping by to take a peek!



Sim said...

I share with you the unconditional love for Led Zepp; even if I was too young, they have taken my heart at first sound. Thank you for this treasure of 1969. I love your 'poster' of Jimmy, it's a real beautiful tribute. The ace of heart is his good place!

johanna said...

Pam! this is a jewel of a Performance they Show here... that Little audience can feel blessed! led zep are on top of my favorite list of musicians and you can find some tributes to them on my blog tagged "led Zeppelin". thank you so much, i surely will go to this Video often!!
not to Forget: i love your Cards - Hommage very much. super!!

sirkkis said...

Gorgeous playing card-collage.
I wasn't Led Zeppelin fun, sorry to say didn't even know him;)

Yvonne said...

Wow, awesome artwork, Pam!

Deann said...

Yep Zeppelin really knew how to lay down the sound an awesome wake up call this morning and a great suit of aces...well done. I am a unrepentant rocker still and lately I find myself hooked on the sound of the cello...interesting.
Thank you for your great comments on my blog you are a very insightful lady I enjoy them a lot. Your art is also marvelous...rock on.

johanna said...

thanks so much for your comment, Pam... i found this Videoclip on YouTube and i think i´m going to make some screenshots for another Project...
rock on!

Taluula said...

I'm glad you didn't skip over the challenge in the end, my friend, or we would have missed this absolutely fabulous piece. Take a very low bow.

carolann said...

My one son who is 51 was a fan of his.

Not my league.

Your card is good though.