Layout I created in the spirit of Maggie Taylor. It came so easily and it is so very me and persons who know me well will agree. Credits: Holliewood Studios Beasts of Burden, Mr Whiskers Steampunk, Hidden Vintage Studios Red Headed Stepchildren, Christina Renee Glass Negatives
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Monday, September 29, 2014

My Bedroom Wall 1971

This is a PSE recreation of my bedroom wall from 1971. I painted a mural of Robert Plant with, of all things, poster paint and a sponge which is what I had on hand. I had been ill for many weeks at a time with multiple kidney stones and surgery during the years 1971-72, alternating stays in the hospital and home. Well, even a 17 year old will get bored after a while no matter how illness may otherwise impact her, so paint I did. I actually did it on the wall with the door on it so that my parents would not see it if they stood in the doorway. They eventually did see it of course, my dad liked it and even suggested the colors for the other walls in the room, and my mom rather tolerated my behavior.  After I left home, the mural was painted over with creme paint but before they painted, they did take a photo. This PSE layout is done with that photo and you can see the date: "May '77" stamped in the lower left corner by the photo developer.  The mural is clearly amateurish as I had no art training, but it was done with a lot of heart.

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Little known fact: The song is about Plant walking in the woods with his blue-eyed Merle dog named Strider, named after Aragorn (often called Strider in the books) from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

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painted lady butterfly

Butterflies in the Air

This is my second you tube video and I think I'm happy with it, given that I'm still in practice mode. There's been a pair of Painted Lady butterflies in my yard yesterday and today, feeding on the Mexican Sunflowers. The flowers are really faded and the bees have been visiting daily but in few numbers due to the cool weather. But yesterday and today have been warmer and these guys were a pleasant surprise. They were not too shy and when they did flit away, they came right back. Yes, the butterflies were not the problem this time, it was my canon bridge that just would not focus for me, so I went to video mode, it worked better. 

Turn on the volume, watch her dance to the dainty notes, and enjoy!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Page - Three Muses Challenge

Altered Playing Cards

I was late with this challenge and actually was going to skip over it this week. But then, I picked it back up this evening and finished. 

What's this about?  Ah! I fell in love with electric guitars at the ripe age of 16 when Led Zeppelin put out their second album. The song was Heartbreaker and the guitar hypnotized me, really. Then played Living Loving Maid, then Whole Lotta Love. I developed a taste for the Rock of many groups beside them but that's a really long story. I eventually fell in love with violin too. 

 Credits: TFS Cartes de Jeu, TBaxter and KPertiet grunge borders, 
and Page pic is by Cynthia Blair

This video is Led Zeppelin in 1969 taped while they were live on a Danish radio station. No background noise, it's really quite good if you are a fan, and Jimmy is on target with the guitar, playing pretty clean, little slop. 

In case you want to share this video, the you tube link is:

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Backgrounds

Early Autumn in Michigan this year and I am missing the flora and fauna already. There are still some zinnias in the garden as they tend to do well until October or even November at times. I took some one of the lavender zinnias and played with my light box, did some more magic and came up with some new ATC backgrounds. 

Also, trying to find the best way to present my bookmarks, for those like me who still like the smell and feel of real  books rather than electronic ones. The bookmarks are made, of course, from photos taken in my garden...

I was browsing through the artist blogs and noted Johanna created some inspiring art which was a tribute to Leonard Cohen as his Birthday was September 21.  I can't fine a really good video of him doing Hallelujah but found this rendition by Jeff Buckley a few years back and feel it to be the most moving cover of the tune. He starts singing at 1:20, sit back and enjoy!

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Indiana Jane Steampunked

Take a Word Challenge

Credits, Xquizart dolls; BRimmer Steampunk Harvest, Steampunk Art Dolls,
 Steamtown Detectives; FCD Art Journaling Tiles; Mr Whisker Steampunk 3

Thank you! thank you everyone for your kindness, your generosity in comments, you are all a fabulous bunch!   I am so very fortunate and grateful, to have found Three Muses and Take a's been re-fueling my creativity which I need so much at this time in my life. You all are tops!!

As always, thanx for taking a peek !


The Caged Bird's Kindred Spirit

I sat down with the sole purpose of using one of my new over-sized ATC backgrounds (created of course from garden photos) in a layout and arrived at this piece. There was no plan...I just started and I think the vote in Scotland this past week must have been sitting at the back burners of my mind. Now, I have no opinion on the subject, though I know I had been curious about its history. Moreover, I have long-standing strong opinions about confinement of wild animals, even with good intentions, even fish in aquariums. That started with a book I read in the '80's called King Solomon's Ring by Konrad Lorenz, and Austrian Scientist. He discusses many issues about animals and their likeness to humans, including "ways in which a pet's captivity can make it miserable and explains how to avoid each of theses causes of discontent." (Wiki)

Then, when I Googled caged birds I found the poem by Maya Angelou "I know why the caged bird sings"...she of course was speaking of people.

Credits: Xquizart Sunshine kisses; Holliewood Beast of Burden, Once upon a time add on,
 Sign of the Times; Cryztal Rain Food Journal; Redju Botanical Garden; Mr Whiskers Bird Cages

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roses -Three Muses Challenge

This is one of my floral cards from this summer... Just a rose from my garden, extracted, background created in PSE...  :)

and here are 2 ATCs and a few ATC backgrounds I made from the same rose:

Credits for doll and text: itkupilli imaginarium

Credits: FCD Gothic Fairy Children

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Bee Photo Op

Still unseasonably chilly today, but the sun came out and by  late afternoon, it was warm enough for some of the surviving bees to come out and play in the stone crop. Of course I went out to join them :) These are Green Sweat Bees and yes, they are supposed to be attracted to sweat of some sort...but it really wasn't me, really :) They are so very photogenic!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Eyes  Take a Word Challenge: Windows

Credits: Crowabout Studio, Mr Whiskers Garden, FCD Bees, Pink Lotty papers, the rest are my 
creations including flowers from my garden :)

I can't say how long I've loved flowers, it seems I may have been born loving them. Now I grow them, photograph them, hang them on my walls, send them and sell them in a next generation form :) So when given the challenge to portray what the word "windows" inspires in me, I found myself using the time-worn expression of the eyes being the window to the soul. There is no one original source for the quote and it's been long known as an English proverb. Some credit Shakespeare, but it's in none of his writings.

So, if someone were to really look into my eyes, I think they would find some flowers...

...then I finished another one today, Sunday...

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blue Period

Credits: Holliewood Studios Lifestyles, Sign of the Times; background public domain (altered), I cannot recall where 
I got the overlay but if you believe it to be yours, please email me and I will give you credit. 

I had a friend recently post how the change of seasons from summer to fall often had an emotional impact on her, and she was in a "funk" over the weekend. I did this last year, never posted it because I thought it was too personal. But I am older this year, losing my self consciousness and decided to share. 

It's called "Blue Period" for the meaning of "blue" we use for sad moods, and because I used mainly blues, whites and browns.  

The name isn't very original: as I recall, a name for the piece didn't come easy and I was influenced by a print in my hall, "Blue Nude" by Picasso that I've had for years. He had a series of paintings that were he used mostly blues:

"The Blue Period of Picasso is the period between 1900 and 1904, when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and blue-green, ..."

I also love his serigraph, or silkscreen, animals: 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tea for Two - Three Muses Challenge: Two

Credits: all kits from Tumble Fish Studio and Holliewood Studio

Andre Rieu has a fun rendition of this old 1927 tune:

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Have the Stars  Take a Word Challenge - Birds

I’m not a big enthusiast, but I do like some of the great old movies. One of my favorites is Now Voyager with Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, and Claude Rains. 

From Wiki: Now Voyager was selected for the preservation in the US National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being 'culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." The film ranks "23 on the American Film Institute's 100 years...100 Passions, a list of the top love stories in American cinema. 

And at the end of the movie when the lovers are saying their goodbye at the window, and they agree to remain apart with infrequent visits for the sake of his child (he's married), Jerry asks: 

“And will you be happy, Charlotte?”

And she responds, “Oh, Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars.”

Credits:  Birds are mine, background from public domain, light bulb  is from 
Altered Emporium, overlay is Christina Renee

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The scene from the movie is posted here, and try to get past the 2 of them blowing smoke in each other's faces. I don't know how that never got edited out, even for the times. 

The entire movie is truly worthwhile. Here's just the clip:

September ATC Swap - Life is a Circus

Front                               Back

 All elements and papers from Halloween at Mischief Circus

Front                               Back

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Autumn Colors - The Three Muses Challenge 

As much as I dislike the extremes of weather like temps over 90F and below 20F, I still enjoy the 4 seasons and especially the fall. To me spring is busy and fall is calm, even though there is busy work to do like yard clean up, the mood is serene, there is no hurry. So when outdoors in the fall, the temps are usually comfortable, the air is clean and there is more time to spend with nature, my friends.

Credits:  Xquizart Don’t Forget Your Hat Darling, Fruit Punch, altered; Mr. Whiskers Green House; Holliewood Somewhere Else, Knock on Wood, Bird Boxes; Cryztal Rain Hi lightz.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Monarch on Mexican sunflower 2014

Flew away from one flower and landed right in front of me...I was standing verrry still...

a little bit closer, now...

almost face to face!

don't look back...

Above are photos from my front garden this afternoon. There are a pair of Monarchs that have taken up residence here and seem to absolutely love the nectar from the Mexican Sunflowers I started from seed this year.
And this is my very first video clip, created today and uploaded to YouTube. Monarch butterfly feeding on my Mexican Sunflower plant in the garden!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The one I've had for years tore and the frame cracked. Haven't been able to find a frame or mat board that works. So I created a new background, picked the font, and now have a new Desiderata to hang in a frame that I already have on hand.