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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Eyes  Take a Word Challenge: Windows

Credits: Crowabout Studio, Mr Whiskers Garden, FCD Bees, Pink Lotty papers, the rest are my 
creations including flowers from my garden :)

I can't say how long I've loved flowers, it seems I may have been born loving them. Now I grow them, photograph them, hang them on my walls, send them and sell them in a next generation form :) So when given the challenge to portray what the word "windows" inspires in me, I found myself using the time-worn expression of the eyes being the window to the soul. There is no one original source for the quote and it's been long known as an English proverb. Some credit Shakespeare, but it's in none of his writings.

So, if someone were to really look into my eyes, I think they would find some flowers...

...then I finished another one today, Sunday...

As always, thanx for stopping by and taking a peek!
Peace, pam


  1. Oh wow - what a fantastic work!!! Hugs Dagmar

  2. A very interesting take on the theme!

  3. What a wonderful beautiful thoughtful take on the challenge...and I adore your header.

  4. Two great works, I love them both.The first one is personal and unique while the second one is soooo cute!

  5. this saying had been the first which came to my mind, too when i read the challenge. and you mastered it so beautifully! and i can relate to your love of flowers. don´t know how often i say "this is one of my favorite flowers"... in the end most of them seem to be my favorites...

  6. Two great ones. Seeing I love butterfly's it is darling with kitty cat. Window theme.

    Mine is up.

  7. Ouch! I love flowers, but I don't want any bee touching my eye! Both are fantastic collages!

  8. Two lovely pieces of art. I love the first, but the bee on the eye gives me the creeps, I must say!! The second makes me smile. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Hi Pam, may I say I LOVE your blog header ... it's gorgeous. As our your two lovely images for this week's challenge ... and I love the idea of looking into your soul and finding flowers!

  10. Good Morning Pam and oh what a delight to see your work p- amazing

    x hilda

  11. Love the way you have illustrated the word window on, a fantastic take on the theme.