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Saturday, November 14, 2015

know we are with you...

"later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

--Warsan Shire

We Don't Eat on Blue 

Take a Word Challenge - Your Best China

This would have probably fit well for the "quirky me" challenge too since this page reveals my long standing but little known aversion to blue tableware or dishes.  The first I let anyone know of it was as an adult when visiting my parents' home.  My mother had a stray dish that had blue flowers about the edge and she set it at my place on the table. I cooly switched with her and quietly stated, "we don't eat on blue".  She thought me odd and just let it pass, when actually i'd have invited a fun discussion on the topic.  Oh well, here it is again and all i have left to say is that there is no food that a blue plate compliments. I cannot think of a naturally occurring blue food and a blue plate does not match with any common food. Blueberries are not blue: they are purple. My opinion was reinforced while watching the first Bridget Jones movie when she accidently made blue soup. All her guests were quite playfully amused but nonetheless lost their appetites when served. 

When you click on this video it will prompt you to click to continue to YouTube to see the's safe, the author just wants you to visit his site for advertizing.  You'll see Bridget's blue soup...after the first peek, move up to 2:40 and see her friends' reactions to the soup... it's not hilarious but definitely good spirited and cute.

As always, thanx for stopping by to take a peek :)



Anonymous said...

life is life! world connected! We are all together.
This post is a symbol for it. A part of this, a part of this - together it is life pure.
Herzlich P.

Christine said...

Yes, it hurts everywhere...
Despite not having trouble eating on blue, your collage and story are fun!

artofasimplemind said...

wow, powerfull!!!

indybev said...

I love the story of your quirky aversion to blue dinnerware. I remember the blue soup from when I saw the movie. I wonder when your aversion started .... or were you born with it? lol The eagle with the blue cup is hilarious as well. Thank you for a pleasant visit to your blog this morning!

Taluula said...

I only have white crockery because I want to see the food and not the plate ... so I quite identify with your aversion to blue. Love the story, and most definitely LOVE the piece. Yes, it would have been a good one for Quirky, but worry not I will be asking you all again some time soon!

sheila 77 said...

Fun story about the blue dish - yes I agree that a blue plate is not ideal for food.
Great picture with the eagle and the blue mug. Funnily enough I think it is alright to drink out of a blue mug, and the eagle obviously thinks so too.
Thanks for the link to the blue soup, I had forgotten how good this movie was.

Sim said...

Thank you so very much dear Pam!