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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Take a Word Challenge - Beauty

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them. --David Hume

When I read the challenge word "Beauty", my heart sank and I was going to skip this one. I mean I am surrounded by beautiful flowers and bugs from my photography and other art work but that is not what the challenge is about: I had to actually come up with something that represented what the word "beauty" meant to me. I found many quotes that were quite thoughtful and decided on this one as it complimented, I think, the scene. I used some tulips from my spring garden this year, and a few other elements.

Credits:  Tulips, background and overlay borders are my own, the doll is by Xquizart

As always, thanx for taking a peek at my page! :)


  1. Those tulips are luscious! By the way, I love everything I'm seeing here. Great artwork and awesome header!

  2. I love how the doll 'blends' in so well with the beautiful tulips, stunning piece!
    (Outstanding Zetti piece, too!)

  3. Colours look marverrlous in the very beautiful collage. Love all of it. It's said that Nature is the best painter.

  4. Great job Pam!
    The dress is fantastic and all the elements are placed together so well.
    The composition is audacious... I totally love!

  5. Your picture is stunning. I love the little girl. She goes with those beautiful tulips, a great match! xx

  6. Beautiful artwork Pam - mines on my blog too

  7. Our thoughts are all different as that is what makes us unique people. If we were all the same. What is choices.

    I like yours Pam . It is a dreamy collage.

    Mine is up of my choice.

  8. I've always loved tulips! The quote is perfect. Great collage!

  9. It's obvious how much thought and heart you put into this. Lovely!

  10. This is gorgeous Pam. Thanks for lovely comment.

  11. This is simply gorgeous, Pam. Bravo. Hey I LOVE your blog header too.