Layout I created in the spirit of Maggie Taylor. It came so easily and it is so very me and persons who know me well will agree. Credits: Holliewood Studios Beasts of Burden, Mr Whiskers Steampunk, Hidden Vintage Studios Red Headed Stepchildren, Christina Renee Glass Negatives
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Take A Word Challenge - Arch
Credits: Mr. Whiskers Greenhouse, Bows and Arrows; Crystal Rain Bokeh Lightz, Tumble Fish Studio Shades of Green, FCD Be Yourself, Beth Rimmer Fashionistas; KPertiet Filmed Overlays, Dried Brush Overlays; Crowabout Studios Light Gatherer, Holliewood Goddess

Well, this one really had me stumped for quite a while...tried several times to let the theme take me somewhere, to no avail. Letting go of the architectural "arch", the eyebrow arch seemed the place to go, but the path was still unlcear.  The theme of the Beatles' line "close your eyes and I'll kiss you..." came out of the pre-conscious memories of my Kitty licking my eyes in the morning to wake me, most often before the alarm... I only recognized this after it developed onto the layout. The archer added into the mix was purely incidental.  But archers, cats and Kitties aside, who cannot revel in the memories of a lover's kiss upon their eyelids?  

As always, thanx for taking a peek at my page! 
peace, pam 

oh, and if you'd like to take a ride down memory lane with The Beatles and me...


  1. What a super creative take on the theme. Love it! I can see several arches on your wonderfully coloured and composed collage. And thanks for memories of my days of youth when I's just married and The Beatles in their high favour.

    1. so very glad you enjoyed my post... Music has always been so important in my life and it's hard not to create without it :) Our memories are golden and keep us young at heart, it think :) I left you some hugs in your comments too!

  2. Wouaouh, your arch is original too dear Pam! :D
    So sweet...
    And the 1964 concert is a jewel!
    Thank you!! :)

  3. Oh your art work Arches are fab. Great use of Arch.

  4. Clever thinking, Pam, so creative!

  5. A very creative take on the theme, your collage is fantastic and so beautiful to look at.