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Friday, May 20, 2016

My Duncan's Eyes

Someone take the camera away from that crazy lady!! Yes, many a day it's more often in my hands than not and because of that, i have gotten some cool shots. Well, not to everyone though, it's usually just personal entertainment in having gotten a cool pic, lol :)  

Duncan, my standard poodle, is creme colored with some apricot streaks at his ears, eyes, and a small bit at his lucious tail which i have not had docked: it's long and curly hair. Well, last time he got groomed they had to take down more on his head and ears because there were some mats and i opt for comfort over beauty and told them not to try to get the mats out, just cut. So, I was looking at him a couple weeks ago and in the sunshine i saw this wonderful bit of very curly red hair above his eyes. Yes! My Duncan has the most awesome long, curly, red eyelashes, of all things!!!

My toy poodle Megan who passed last year had spotted coloration on her paw pads, "spots" if you will. She loved playing ball, could catch a ball mid-air off a bounce, could "kick" a ball with her front paws to send it flying from underneath the sofa if i rolled it to her, oh my so many good memories... She loved broccoli. My mini-toy red poodle Fred has deep red color around his eyes and muzzle, a bit like a racoon.  He's a rescue and when he came to me, everything went into his mouth with a playful bite so I taught him to "kiss" and hold his teeth back, so now he is the most kissy-est pup!! Friendly, loving, he thinks the world was created to play with him and give him love...not a bad perspective, really... And he loves tea with milk, earl grey hot or any other that's one hand. Duncan is still a puppy, so thus far I can only say that he loves sitting on the back porch, watching the birds. He loves tea and colby jack cheese.  He loves his 2 cookies and massage before bedtime and walks in the house with his head close to my hand. I could probably write on and on about these and other fur babies in my life but, this piece was supposed to be about Duncan's eyelashes.  Why I needed to lay down a background picture, well, it just seemed to naturally fit.  

As a loving mother would see each of her children in his or her own light, and hold in awe each's idiosyncrasies and gifts, this is how i see my fur babies. Maybe if I had grandchildren or more than 1 child, I'd spend less time with my pups.  Crazy lady... lol!

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