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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The End of My Street

Three Muses Challenge - Haute Couture

Credits: model wiki commons, background edina @ DeviantArt, Julie Mead overlay

and a little music...

As always, thanx for stoppping by to take a peek :)



Sadie´sGedankenfülle said...

Hi Pam,
the End of your Street is fantastic.
Haute Couture first class.
Greetings Sadie

Judy said...

An awesome unique take on Haute Couture, Pam, love the autumnal colours of the background!

Sim said...

Remarkable vision of la haute couture Pam!
One défilé in the autumnal forest is an idea which would seduce most of the creators of this area!
Well done, excellently realized, top class!
I love these broken colors (and Gabrielle Aplin too! :)

sirkkis said...

Simple elegans. Classic style is here imressive and wholeness is beautiful.

indybev said...

How lovely! Beautiful background for this beautiful back view!

Deann said...

This is stunning...well done my friend.

Christine said...

Beautiful composition!

Linda Gibbons said...

So elegant!

Electra said...

Oh my, how I want to reach out and touch this! I love your art always!