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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Three Dog Night

Three Muses Challenge - Music

Credits: Stock photos, Deviant Art sisterslaughter 165, kevron2, gd08, 
keriyoo textures, personal stash overlays

My creative side is still on strike and had the darndest time using "music" to inspire me. Well, the best i could do was a band's name, Three Dog Night, from the late 60's-70's.  And yes, those are dog bone trees in my layout :) .  Anyway, the band was not my favorite but they were popular and had a few hit singles. I had some fun doing it and i think that's the point, and i was not going to give up!  Here's are a few hits from the band. Think I like the 2nd one's kind fun :) : 

One is the Lonliest Number

Mama Told Me Not to Come

Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

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johanna said...

oh my, three dog night... some bells ringing in the back of my head... but mostly remember the band Name. as you say, in those times they were not my choice as well. anyway, watched the Videos and had so much fun with the Fashion of that time.

love your take on the theme - dog bone trees, haha... they really look so nice i think i could spend a night with These 3 canines. (i learnt on Wikipedia about the origin of the band´s Name...)

Yvonne said...

Love, love, love your take on the music theme, Pam!

Marilyn Girling at Seeing Things Art Apothecarium said...

Three Dog Night was right up there with my favorites. Those clips bought back some crazy memories! Love your dog biscuit trees, really a fun piece♥

Deann said...

Fabulous an I thought I was the only one who remembered Three Dog Out In the Country one of my favorite songs ever.
This is awesome beautifully done and so original.

Sadie´sGedankenfülle said...

It´s great.
Greetings Sadie

sirkkis said...

I'm a doglover and these are super ! Don't know the piece, but must be good ♥

indybev said...

Well, thanks for the trip down memory lane! Your 3 dogs are a charming nod to the band. I loved "One is the Loneliest Number"! Hadn't thought of it for a long time. Now it's running through my head endlessly! Nice work here.

Carolyn said...

Love those dogs and your take on the song. I also like your blog header a lot!