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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moonlight Escape 

Take a Word Challenge - Moonlight

Credits: Overlays: Foxey Squirrel, Flypaper Antiques, Deviant Art Alegion, 
redheadstock lighbeams, sophiefzy, memento by Faestock

Voyages V - Poem by Harold Hart Crane

Meticulous, past midnight in clear rime, 
Infrangible and lonely, smooth as though cast 
Together in one merciless white blade- 
The bay estuaries fleck the hard sky limits. 

-As if too brittle or too clear to touch! 
The cables of our sleep so swiftly filed, 
Already hang, shred ends from remembered stars. 
One frozen trackless smile . . . What words 
Can strangle this deaf moonlight? For we 

Are overtaken. Now no cry, no sword 
Can fasten or deflect this tidal wedge, 
Slow tyranny of moonlight, moonlight loved 
And changed . 'There's 

Nothing like this in the world,' you say, 
is Knowing I cannot touch your hand and look 
Too, into that godless cleft of sky 
Where nothing turns but dead sands flashing. 

'-And never to quite understand!' No, 
In all the argosy of your bright hair I dreamed 
Nothing so flagless as this piracy. 

But now 
Draw in your head, alone and too tall here. 
Your eyes already in the slant of drifting foam; 
Your breath sealed by the ghosts I do not know: 
Draw in your head and sleep the long way home. 

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sirkkis said...

Nice to see your art again, Pam.
Beautiful, dramatic take on the theme. Great digital woking.

Christine said...

Beautiful creation, Thanks for your nice comment.Due to recent spam messages on my blog, I've been forced to enable an option where I have to validate any comments being posted.

Sadie´sGedankenfülle said...

Hello Pam
thanks for your nice comment on my page.
Your creation is fantastic and the poem too.
Nice week.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Pam,
I admired your header and your post. Nice to meet you!
Herzlich Pippa

johanna said...

good to see you post again, Pam!
i did not know about the loss of your dog - i can fully understand it must be almost like losing a Family member....
i can only hope creativity will lead you out of a vicious circle... it can be so helpful! but you know that...

the Piece you created here is perfect in every way! the imagery is fantastic! and it goes so well together with the Poem.

wishing you brighter and healthier days, Pam - xox

Judy said...

Wow, what a dramatic piece, Pam, perfect!

Judy said...

So sorry to hear you, too, lost your faithful friend, Pam, I lost mine five weeks ago, it really knocks you, and your creative juices dry up!

Yvonne said...

Gorgeous artwork, Pam!

Gibby Frogett said...

Beautiful piece - love it!
Gill x

Deann said...

Exquisite artwork reflecting a lovely sad tale...fantastic all.

Marilyn Girling at Seeing Things Art Apothecarium said...

It is very difficult to be creative when your heart is sad, sometimes just finding the energy to look at other's art is tiring. I commend you on a beautiful collage and a lovely post. Better days ahead, I'm sure♥

indybev said...

Beautiful art! I'm sorry for the loss of your pet. Losing a pet is almost like losing a member of one's family. Aren't we lucky we have our art to turn to to distract ourselves from sorrow?!

RambleOn aka pam said...

thank you all for your wonderful comments...they mean so much and are a comfort to me as i try to get back into creating :) What a wonderful community the creative souls are!

RambleOn aka pam said...

thank you hard indeed. i've decided i need to just jump back in, even if i'm not satisfied totally with the result...I have faith it will get better and my creations will become more positive :)

RambleOn aka pam said...

thank you son much for your comment and understaning :) I am starting to believe what you say about better days... am planning on just jumping in again and let the emotions evolve. thank you!

RambleOn aka pam said...

thank you Bev...yes, glad for the art and the community of creative spirits that you are part of here! thank you!!

RambleOn aka pam said...

ok! glad you got my comment :)

RambleOn aka pam said...

thanx Johanna! thank you for your kind words and i am really committed to getting back into creative mode to heal and get out of this rut. {{{hugz!!}}}

Sim said...

Keep being creative Pam!
(I'm trying too.
I think of you).
Beautiful moon collage, even sad. :)

(and thanks a lot for your words! HUGS too! :)

Taluula said...

So sorry you lost your pet, Pam. I love this gorgeous artwork though.