Layout I created in the spirit of Maggie Taylor. It came so easily and it is so very me and persons who know me well will agree. Credits: Holliewood Studios Beasts of Burden, Mr Whiskers Steampunk, Hidden Vintage Studios Red Headed Stepchildren, Christina Renee Glass Negatives
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fortune favors the brave

The idea for this layout is taken from Trudi Sissons aka two dresses studio, a true artist that I've admired for a few years. No one has an eye like hers, that I've seen anyway. Recently she did such an emotive layout that that I could not get out of my mind for several days. Here it is: 

In trying to find why this was striking me, I decided to let the concept run freely in the creative realm to see what came out...

Comparatively, aside from my layout being decidedly amateurish, I was struck by how unable I was to be darker, given the central image in the piece. I interpret this as my personal ordeals being seemingly bolstered with colors of life. How fortunate, I mused, and thus the Latin phrase place on the banner: FORTIS FORTUNA ADIVAT, translated roughly to "fortune favors the brave", or bold. And indeed, bravery has been a frequent companion...

I know that there are many people with personal struggles, and some day my "colors" may fail, and indeed some days it seems they are no where to be found, but they must be there. My wish and hope is for my flora and fauna photography and digital compositions to brighten and lighten hearts making someone's day better... 

Credits: Itkupilli, EmKa, JBrisebois, Holliewood Studios

As always, thanx for stopping by to take a peek :)


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.Trudi Sissons said...

It is beautiful and I am so flattered!