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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Take a Word 

Challenge - Manly

My initial thoughts of men are their physical strength and their propensity for hunting/war. So I decided to create a page with the man as a warrior with his lion beside him, taking in the view of Bryce Canyon Utah, USA. Bryce canyon and its many hoodoos looks like a place from a fantasy world.

credits: male image mjranum, lion jumpfer stock @ deviant art, canyon from pixabay

Here are some images of Bryce Canyon too... It's really fantastic!

As always, thanks for stopping by ti take a peek :)



Sim said...

Splendid in everyway Pam!
I'm in awe...
And this canyon is a pure marvel of Mother Nature!
I admire the way you marry the images in real shooting with 3D or illustration.
It's very strong! I must confess that I dare not even try.
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart my friend.

(Did you really cut out this pine tree?!?! :)

RambleOn aka pam said...

Sim, dear friend, i thank you so much but you are too generous in you compliments! I am just a child dreaming in my retirement and have lots of time to put those dreams to both paper and digital art pieces.

Your art is always, and i mean always, a feast for the eyes!...colors, elements, composition... your heart is so apparent in your work. {{{hugz}}}

as for the tree, if you use Photoshop CC you could extract this tree. This photo came as you see it, but I extracted the tree for future use as I have a folder of extracted trees to use later in another scene.


sirkkis said...

Powerful and very well made.

Michele said...

this is a powerful art piece! and such amazing photos as well! i've never been to Bryce but sure would like to see it for myself! xo

indybev said...

The canyon is so spectacular to see, and the warrior and his lion are a brilliant addition. This is beautiful work!